Barclays Savings Accounts

With Barclays Savings Accounts you can make your money work much harder. Barclays offer many types of savings accounts such as their Barclays eSavings Rewards; why not take a look at their current rate of interest.

Amazing Saving Rates from Barclays Savings Accounts. Apply online!

Barclays Savings Accounts

Amazing Saving Rates

Barclays Savings Accounts

Barclays Policy Features

  • Great saving rates
  • Instant access to your money
  • Save over the long term for higher rewards
  • Online access and management
  • Access to your cash 24 hours a day
  • Apply now for a Barclays Savings Account!
Barclays Savings Accounts

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Barclays also offer many other savings accounts such as Barclays E-Savings Reward Account, Barclays Active Savings Account and Barclays Nest-Egg Savings Account. All these plans have different benefits, to see full details go to their web site.

Barclays Bank is considered to be one of the world’s leading banking institutes with 1,000’s of branches throughout the UK.

Barclays Savings Accounts contact details:
Address: 54 Lombard Street, London EC3P 3AH
Phone Number: 0800 085 2122