UK Consumers Feeling The Pinch According To Survey

Published: 6/1/2010

Having spoken with a sample of UK consumers Lloyds TSB can see how they are now feeling the pinch as the credit crunch and economic difficulties continue to affect lifestyles.

The view of the future is also seen rather negatively by those surveyed, with an expectation of inflation nudging the 3.8 percent mark in the next year. There were also worries about job security as they see costs spiralling for consumers and businesses. These views are part of the Lloyds TSB Consumer Barometer, where consumer views are reviewed on a monthly basis.

One of the biggest stresses facing the people of the UK are rising prices, with around nine out of ten people seeing prices up from the previous month. Roughly the same number expect to see this trend continue next month as well, further dampening their confidence in the future.