Career Dreams And Aspirations Of Young People Today

Published: 6/9/2010

According to a recent Alliance and Leicester survey of 16 to 21 year olds in the UK, the ideal occupation would be a professional, and very famous, musician.

Over a thousand young people were surveyed to gain a better understanding of this valuable market segment, since the Alliance and Leicester current account is perfectly suited to the needs of young people. It seems that the youth of today aspire to be famous, seeing wealth come as part of the package.

As said, musician tops the list, followed by a role in the media, a socialite – which means no career at all most people over 21 would argue – and then fashion designer. As a top 4 it bears little resemblance to what is likely to be the reality for 99.9 percent of them, but it is always good to dream and maybe the Alliance and Leicester can help them manage their money so they can feel like they are rich.