Senior Executive To Leave

Published: 7/26/2010

Long standing Citigroup executive is leaving the organization, of which Citibank is a major part, after 23 years with the organization. The move is seen to be part of the business transformation being led by new CEO Vikram Pandit.

Citibank and parent Citigroup have been well looked after by Mr Klein, who was a key part of the management team, using his influence to secure multi-billion dollar investments from overseas. These investments were instrumental in keeping the company in the game as they suffered at the hands of the US credit crisis.

The move is amicable it is understood, with many people expecting it since Mr Klein was moved away from running the day to day operations of Citibank. It is expected that, like others recently, Mr Klein will probably head up a different financial organization, especially with the contacts and experience the 44 year old can bring.