Most expensive Cities To Be At University Revealed

Published: 7/12/2010

The HSBC has been looking at the different university cities to see which ones will cost the most to live in.

Totally expected was the most expensive city which is London, where the average rent for student accommodation exceeds GBP100 per week. It proved to be miles ahead of any other city in the country, with the next closest being Plymouth, with an average weekly rent of GBP63. A spokeswoman from HSBC reminded students that living costs can make a massive difference to managing as a student, and with rent such an integral part of student life it is important not to get in to an agreement that is too costly to manage.

Other cities in the list included Birmingham and Nottingham, where rents averaged GBP60, and Leeds, Manchester and Preston, with average rents of GBP50. To help manage finances the HSBC offers a student account with credit card and interest free overdraft.