Subprime Lender Peoples Choice In Chapter 11

Published: 6/28/2010

The fallout from the ongoing credit crunch has really hit Peoples Choice hard, pushing them to file for Chapter 11 in the US.

Peoples Choice are one of the many subprime lenders who have been riding the wave of second tier lending, that is to those who are a greater risk than normal, only to find the waves crashing over their heads as defaults and lack of extra funding leave them unable to continue.

The company has filed for Chapter 11 so they can take some time out to reorganise themselves and regain stability. During this time their creditors are kept at bay, thus freeing the organisation up to get their house in order and ideally come out better than before.

One of the biggest problems with subprime lending, and one that Peoples Choice will certainly have seen, is that a lack of affordability leads to lenders offering more and more money as an incentive to use them, with 120 percent mortgages not uncommon. The borrower relishes the extra money but often finds it has gone very quickly, the repayments are higher than they would normally have been and the value of their property does not cover the amount borrowed. A recipe for disaster as soon as house values stop growing at a high rate, which is what has happened in the USA recently.