Only Finance Support Critical Illness Improvements

Published: 6/28/2010

The improvements made to their critical illness insurance cover by Legal and General have been supported by Only Finance, who are pleased to see positive changes in this market.

Although BUPA still leads the way with its critical illness insurance offering Legal and General have clearly taken positive steps an Only Finance spokesperson said. It is also great news that they have not used the cover improvements as a device to increase the price, thus bringing a real benefit to the consumer.

The Only Finance spokesperson also discussed the fact that it is certainly more cost effective to buy both life and critical illness cover together, saving money and also having a more comprehensive level of protection than when only taking one of them. He went on to advise purchasers of critical illness protection to ensure any medical questions were answered fully and completely, as almost twenty-five percent of claims made were rejected due to illnesses not being declared at the time of policy purchase.