Tesco Finance Life Cover Launched For Over 50s

Published: 5/14/2010

Designed especially for the over 50 market Tesco Finance has launched a new life insurance policy that will leave a guaranteed tax free lump sum upon claiming.

There is no medical needed as long as applicants are aged between 50 and 75 and all customers who purchase the policy before 26 June also receive a GBP20 gift voucher. Applying for the Tesco Finance life insurance policy is really easy, using the phone or online.

Payments into the Tesco Finance insurance policy stop when the person covered reaches 90 years of age but the policy remains valid until death. Typically a 55 year old man who pays GBP10 per month would receive a lump sum of over GBP2,400, while a woman of the same age and paying the same amount would receive over GBP3,000.