More Job Loss Rumours Unfounded

Published: 6/28/2010

Top level managers at Hastings Direct insurance company have denied rumours that job losses will be greater than that already advised.

The local newspaper in Bexhill, where Hastings Direct are the towns biggest employer, has been receiving anonymous calls saying that rather than the ten job losses that had been stated there were in fact over fifty less jobs at the company now. There was also speculation that more reductions were on the way.

To clarify the position the company released a statement in which it was made clear that redundancies would add up to ten at the most, coming from a review of operations that had been underway for some time. Any other reductions in the number of jobs had come naturally, either via retirement or by people not being replaced if they left.

Hastings Direct also wanted to confirm they are a very active and successful participant in the insurance market, with plans to develop further in the future. They also intend to retain their Bexhill offices as the centre of operations, aiming to grow further as the business expands.