Motor Insurance Specifically For Women Launched By More Than

Published: 6/8/2010

A new car insurance policy has been introduced by More Than, designed especially for female drivers.

As part of the promotion for it, More Than Insurance are including a number of rewards and discounts with big name high street retailers. They have also built in key options that are well suited to the needs of female drivers. These include prioritized roadside assistance, a replacement vehicle provided within 2 hours, female friendly garages and up to GBP3,000 of cover for handbags and their contents.

A More Than car insurance spokeswoman was pleased to be able to offer a service that catered for the specific needs of women drivers so well. They went on to add that even the roadside recovery agents used would be able to find the driver by tracking their mobile phone and would be equipped with child friendly vehicles that included things to entertain the children.