Better Animal Insurance Good For Vets

Published: 6/25/2010

A recent study has found that veterinary practices are making returns of around 37 percent, a superb result for any business. It is felt that this is down to improved pet insurance cover, Tesco Finance being a good example.

More people in the UK now insure their pets so there is a much greater likelihood that the animals can receive the treatment they need rather than miss out on it due to affordability. The costs of treatment are also increasing, partly because of general inflation but primarily because there are many more intricate and specialised treatments now on offer. Tesco Pet Insurance, as well as many others, give pet owners the chance to give their animals the best possible chance now.

As an indication of rising costs, a survey showed that around GBP380 million was spent through pet insurance cover in 2006, though this is projected to be more like GBP600 million by 2010. Tesco Finance and other pet insurance providers will certainly aim to keep treatment prices in check to maintain low premiums, though it is the welfare of the animal that is first and foremost so premiums may well have to increase a little to cover the additional expenses.