Shares Soar On Back Of Takeover Offer

Published: 7/15/2010

Alliance and Leicester shares leapt by almost 50 percent today as news of an agreement regarding the takeover of the bank by Santander was announced.

At a price of 317 pence per share the Alliance and Leicester is being valued at GBP1.33 billion, a price that the Spanish based buyer is happy to pay. The deal is based on trading one Santander share for three Alliance and Leicester ones, making it a very attractive proposition for shareholders and stimulating such fierce trading in them today.

The offer cannot go through without agreement by at least 75 percent of the Alliance and Leicester shareholders, though this is not expected to be an issue. If successful the bid would give Santander, with its other existing UK holdings, a share of the UK savings and unsecured personal loan markets in excess of 8 percent.