Massive Jewellery Stash In UK Homes

Published: 5/19/2010

According to a recent study by the Halifax there is over GBP50 billion worth of jewellery in UK homes, with each house having just under GBP2,000 worth on average.

Although the average figure is around GBP2,000 there are around 5 million homes where there is over GBP5,000 worth of jewellery and surprisingly the Halifax has found that over a third of them have never had their items valued. This is an important aspect since valuables should be listed individually on home insurance policies to ensure they are covered.

Geographically the places with the most jewellery in their homes are Preston and Milton Keynes so they are urged to make sure they have their items valued said a Halifax spokesman. This way they will know their home insurance is doing the job it is supposed to do.

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