Dental Insurance Can Save Customers Money

Published: 5/30/2010

Buying dental insurance can prove less expensive than relying on the NHS or a private dentist it has been claimed by Tesco Finance.

Estimating the typical six monthly check up at the dentist to cost GBP15.90 on the NHS or GBP40 privately and adding in one piece of dental work, such as a crown, Tesco Finance ran the numbers to see which option would prove best. They took the normal price of a crown as GBP194 on the NHS or GBP341 privately.

In a one year period then, with two check ups and one crown being fitted Tesco Finance calculated the total cost of NHS dental treatment to be GBP225.80, whilst a private dental practice would charge GBP421. This compares with an annual dental insurance premium of GBP107.40 using an NHS service, or GBP203.40 using a private one. Clearly there are savings of almost GBP120 to GBP150 available.

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