12 Months Free Health Insurance For Children at Tesco

Published: 6/2/2010

New health insurance customers at Tesco Finance will be able to include their children for free on the first 12 months cover. The offer is applicable on applications made between 29 May and 23 July 2008.

With regard to value a typical price has been calculated for Tesco Health Insurance, using as an example two parents, living in Edinburgh, aged 35 who do not smoke. With a GBP100 excess and paying monthly they and their two children can have medical insurance for just GBP47.04 on the Tesco Core policy, or GBP79.02 on the Premium option.

Taking the same family make up and moving them to London the corresponding premiums are GBP61.40 and GBP101.50. All prices are per month. A Tesco Finance spokesman was happy to be able to offer such good deals since it helps families save money during some difficult times.