Citibank Portfolio Reduction Announced

Published: 5/27/2010

Citibank has revealed that it intends to reduce its portfolio having suffered at the hands of the sub prime lending difficulties in the USA.

Of all the financial institutions to suffer over the American mortgage problems Citibank felt the pain more than any other. The sub prime area of lending is one that they were heavily involved in. Due to this they are to sell around 20 percent of their assets over the next couple of years, worth around USD400 billion.

They have already announced the areas of business where the cuts will be made, namely consumer banking and securities banking. Citibank has stated it has an objective of generating revenue growth of 10 percent within 36 months, and these cuts are part of their plan. By freeing up resources they can focus more on the areas where growth can be achieved whilst reducing their exposure to potentially difficult markets.