Further Writedowns Forecast At Citibank

Published: 6/22/2010

Late last week Citibank warned the markets that more big writedowns were expected in quarter 2. They are also looking at more credit losses in the face of what they called unprecedented conditions in the market.

Following the announcement shares on the NYSE fell by over 4 percent, recovering by the end of trading though still down 1 percent. The markets have already seen disappointing results from other major financial players, leading many to feel that the credit crunch is going to hurt companies for some time to come. Citibank made a lot of their money in the sub-prime lending market so have been hit hard by the meltdown in this area.

As well as the mortgage difficulties they experienced Citibank are now seeing the credit crunch hitting their credit card arm too, with business really slowing down as consumers feel the need to rein in their spending.