Fixed Rate Mortgages Still Popular Despite Cost Increases

Published: 6/23/2010

A review of the current mortgage market by Legal and General shows that the fixed rate mortgage is still very popular with consumers despite the recent rate rises they have experienced.

Legal and General have looked at the differences in mortgage choices between Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of this year, seeing where the key trends are. Fixed rate mortgages fared very well, going up from 35 percent of the market in Q1 to 58 percent in Q2. This was achieved even though interest rates went up, on average, to 6.51 percent from 5.87 percent on the popular 2 year fixed rate mortgage.

The market for mortgages is going to remain very keen on fixed rate products it seems due to the expectation of increased mortgage costs in the future. House buyers want a level of security say Legal and General, something that a fixed rate mortgage provides as the repayment amount will not be affected by base rate changes.