Incentives Best For Drivers Says Tesco Finance

Published: 6/2/2009

Instead of punishments for not going green the government should use incentives instead says Tesco Finance.

Research carried out shows that around 2 million people already drive an eco friendly vehicle but that is dwarfed by the 21 million who would seriously consider such an option if it was made easier to do so. Tesco Finance found that the cost of buying such a vehicle was prohibitive to many.

The Tesco Finance study also found that those aged 55 and over are the most likely to have gone eco friendly, with 8 percent having a green car. This contrasts with the 34 and under age group where those with an ecologically friendly car is just 4 percent. A Tesco representative saw the research as proof that the nation is happy to embrace green transport as long as it is financially possible for them.