The Strongest Credit Card Brand In The UK

Published: 7/14/2010

Barclaycard is acknowledged as being the most powerful credit card brand in the UK according to an independent study of the market.

The survey, carried out by the ACG, looked at the number of people having a card, how often it was used, customer thoughts on quality and how the brand is perceived. Having taken all these factors into consideration Barclaycard came out on top, thanks to it being the best known credit card in the country and also the second most used.

A spokesman for ACG, commenting on the results, said that Barclaycard would stand out strongly in the current economic climate since consumers look to the best known names in times of difficulty, feeling that there is less to worry about with a credit card brand they know and trust.

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Credit Cards Covering Costs At Half Term Says Abbey National

Having looked at the half term travel market Abbey National has found that prices can be as much as 80 percent higher than when the children are in school, meaning credit cards will be used to take some of the strain. It came as no surprise to find higher holiday costs when the schools are off but 80 percent was quite extreme thought the Abbey National, especially when the economic climate is such that parents are looking to save money where they can, whilst still doing the best for their children. Scottish parents will fare better than their English counterparts thanks to their school holidays being at different times. Abbey National found that Spain will offer the best value for families and also suggested ways to save money, including booking in advance, finding the best offer on currency or perhaps using a credit card that saves foreign exchange costs. Compare the Abbey National credit card rate for yourself at

Bonus For Card Holders

The Halifax has announced a new credit card called the All in One card, with an introductory offer to both new and existing Halifax customers of 11 months interest free balance transfers and card transactions. Customers can get the bonus if they get the credit card before 21 September and put at least GBP1,000 per month into their Halifax current account. When the zero percent offer is finished the card will have a typical interest rate of 15.9 percent with no additional fees to pay. A spokesman for the Halifax felt that customers taking up the offer could find themselves savings several hundred pounds in interest savings and therefore expected the credit card to be very popular.

Green Card Shows Alternative Way Forwards

The changing face of our planet has brought interest in environmental issues very much to the fore, and nowhere more so than in the world of credit cards. Customers are looking to do something for the greater good in every aspect of their life now, which is why there is now a Co-op credit card that helps do just that. The Co-op Think credit card donates 25 pence from every GBP100 spent to Cool Earth, an environmental charity that works to help regenerate the planet. Also, upon signing up for the card, the Co-op buys half an acre of rain forest in Brazil that will be protected and help manage carbon dioxide. The Think credit card from the Co-op is also competitive financially, with an Annual Percentage Rate of only 12.9 percent. Ultimately a credit card should best suit financial requirements first, taking care of other matters are secondary. However this new Co-op credit card appears to have both bases covered.