People Of The UK Taking Steps To Deal With Credit Crunch

Published: 7/16/2010

A recent study carried out by the Abbey National has found that over 80 percent of people in the UK are changing their lifestyles to manage the effects of the credit crunch.

Looking at rising costs of living and less access to lending consumers in the UK are spending less, selling unwanted items to raise money and some are also taking on additional work to increase their income. With considered planning and the will to stick to it most people in the UK can feel a little better about how they will be able to manage in the future say the Abbey National.

Lifestyles do not have to change drastically in order to make a big change, rather it comes down to selecting the best options when spending money. It may be choosing an alternative provider to save money or perhaps cutting back a little on non-essential spending. As the Abbey National study also highlighted increasing income is another great way of balancing the personal balance sheet.