No Added Value In Home Improvements

Published: 7/24/2010

The current state of the housing market means that most home improvements are not adding any more to the asking price than they cost said the Abbey National.

A home extension can leave someone selling the property around GBP20,000 out of pocket if they were to sell straight after getting the work done, while a new conservatory or kitchen can easily leave them down by GBP14,000. The only home improvements the Abbey National feel are worth doing for those selling a property are the cosmetic ones such as decorating.

The key to home improvements then is to undertake them only if the plan is to stay in the property. This way they become a real benefit to the homeowner said an Abbey National spokesperson. It is understood that well over 8 million people will be improving their homes in the coming year which may prove a revealing statistic in what is a dormant market.