Identity Theft A Real Worry According To Survey

Published: 7/13/2010

An American Express survey has shown that identity theft is more of a worry to people now than many physical attacks.

Over half the people surveyed by American Express worry that they will have their identity used by someone else, with the biggest increase being amongst the 18 to 24 year olds, with the concern up by 8 percent compared with last year. Costing over GBP1.3 billion each year identity theft is a very real crime and as our use of chip and pin cards, the internet and technology increases so do the chances of our personal data being taken.

In reality the risk is relatively low, growing lower still if simple precautions are taken. American Express advise internet users not to provide their details to any sites they do not trust, to shred their documents before disposing of them and to make sure their computers are password protected, and not with either birthday or mothers maiden name, which are by far the most common ones used.