10 Year Fixed Term Mortgage Hits The Market

Published: 7/2/2010

Abbey National is bringing a 10 year fixed rate mortgage to the market this week aimed at bringing peace of mind to buyers concerned about changing interest rates.

Recent studies have shown that longer period fixed rate mortgages are more popular with consumers, the 5 year versus 3 year fixed rate options proving this point very well. The move by Abbey National to bring in a 10 year fixed rate option is hoped to win more buyers over to the idea, especially as the interest rate is just 6.24 percent. There is an initial fee of GBP999 but this still represents excellent value whilst providing the security that homebuyers crave.

This longer period has impressed industry commentators too since it is expected that Abbey National mortgage customers taking out this option will not be left to face dramatically higher interest rates when the term ends, which is what is happening right now as the plethora of 2 year fixed rate mortgages come to an end.