Over 50s Worried About Credit Crunch Impact

Published: 7/11/2009

A recent survey has shown that those aged 50 and over, the typical Saga Insurance customers, are concerned about how the credit crunch will affect their pensions and investments.

According to the survey, carried out by Millennium, over 75 percent of these Saga Insurance aged respondents believe the credit crunch will negatively impact on their investments, whilst almost 60 percent are expecting their pension provisions to be affected. However it is not all doom and gloom, since over three quarters of the over 50s are also saying they will not give up holidays and eating out.

People aged 50 and over tend to have a good view of the economy, having experienced its ups and downs over their lives. This is why the opinions of the Saga Insurance customers are valuable and worth bearing in mind no matter what age you may be.