Postcodes Lottery For Pensions

Published: 8/11/2010

Starting from Monday 11 August the Prudential is going to decide annuity rates based on where people live, using their postcode as a guide.

A persons postcode can suggest expected life expectancy and typical health backgrounds of people, leading to the Prudential being able to offer rates that will better match the risk with the amount offered. Those in areas of lower life expectancy and poorer health will be likely to receive bigger pension payments from their annuity since they will be expected not to live as long as someone in a better area.

A Prudential spokesman said that the postcode is an excellent way of determining risk and pension payment since everyone has one. He went on to say that the postcode would make a difference of only 5 percent when comparing highest pension payments to lowest, with other factors also being taken into account to determine the most suitable amount.