Be Careful With Bikes

Published: 8/14/2010

Sainsburys Bank are warning cyclists that even when their bicycle is at home it is still at risk of being stolen and should be protected accordingly.

Over 1,200 bicycles are stolen every day according to Sainsburys Bank figures, showing how popular they are with thieves. It is because of the ready made market for bikes and the fact that they are often easy to take away that the theft numbers are so high, something that Sainsburys would really like to see change. Having home insurance that covers the bicycle is one thing but it is far better not to have to lose the bike and claim in the first place.

Anyone with a bicycle is advised to not the make, model and frame number of their bike and take a picture if possible. Then they should check to make sure it is included in the home insurance policy. Sainsburys Bank remind policyholders to check for any exceptions to cover, so they know if the bike must be stored in a locked garage overnight or something like that.