Cooperative Loans

Cooperative Loans have the Co-operative Bank Fixed Personal Loan at a very competitive rate of APR! Apply nor for a loan!

Having trouble finding a personal loan? Cooperative Loans have some great rates. Apply now today!

Cooperative Loans

Having trouble finding a personal loan?

Cooperative Policy Features

  • Cooperative Personal Loan
  • Borrow between £7,500 and £25,000
  • Fixed rate of APR for the duration of the loan
  • Spread the payments over 1 to 7 years
  • No arrangement fee or charges
  • Apply now for a Cooperative Loan!

Editors Review

Why not use the Cooperative loan calculator to help find out how much you can borrow.

With the Co-operative Bank you can be certain that the money you lend from them has not come from the profits of unnecessary pollution or human rights abuses. The Cooperative Bank has a very strict ethical policy on investments.