New Savings Account From Alliance And Leicester Paying 9 Percent Gross Announced

Published: 5/25/2010

The Alliance and Leicester has just announced a new savings account that pays interest at 9 percent gross per annum. It is a one year fixed rate account open to customers who invest in their Balanced Savings and Investment Plan.

The Balanced Savings and Investment Plan is made up of a portfolio bond and a savings account. The minimum deposit for the bond is GBP5,000 and at least GBP1,000 for the savings account. Before leaping in investors are advised by the Alliance and Leicester that the recommended term for the bond should be at least 5 years, meaning any money placed here should be left alone for a period of time.

An Alliance and Leicester spokesman said the offer combined a mix of short and medium term savings with the potential for excellent returns, much better than a regular savings account.