Savers To Be Reunited With Lost Accounts

Published: 6/19/2010

Lloyds TSB will be striving to reunite around GBP69 million with its owners, spread over 120,000 savings accounts that are laying dormant.

The bank will be working on accounts with more than GBP100 in them and will be using a specialist search company to locate the account holders and reacquaint them with their funds. The average amount per person will be in the region of GBP575 so it is a very worthwhile exercise and one that the recipients of the money are sure to appreciate said a Lloyds TSB spokesman.

These accounts appear to have been forgotten by their owners, hence the use of the search company. Lloyds TSB would not mind account holders getting in touch with them directly though, so if you think you have a dormant Lloyds TSB savings account get in touch with them and see if there is a windfall waiting for you.