Moneyback Bank Tops Loan Table

Published: 6/28/2010

As the Moneyback Bank stood at the head of the best buy unsecured personal loan table critics were accusing parent company Alliance and Leicester of manipulation.

The offer that got the Moneyback Bank to the pinnacle was a 5.5 percent rate on an unsecured personal loan of GBP 5,000 over a three year term. However this headline rate is only for those borrowing exactly GBP 5,000. If a different amount is requested then the rate is completely different,with even a one pound difference prompting the rate to rise.

Visiting the website of Moneyback Bank there is a loan repayment calculator there showing a difference in repayments of around GBP 200 if the loan is for just one pound less, This is understandably seen as manipulation of the facts to achieve a promotional ranking in the highly regarded best buy tables though representatives of the bank have denied this is the case.