Interior Design Can Be Costly

Published: 6/27/2010

A new study by the home insurance division of Privilege has found that interior design mistakes are costing British homeowners around GBP 1 billion each year as they try and sell their properties.

Apparently one in three estate agents will take at least GBP 1,000 off the value of a house if it had a colour scheme that would make it harder to sell, whilst ten percent of them would lop off GBP 3,000 or more.

As property programmes have been telling us for years simple unobtrusive colours are the best, magnolia topping the list. This view is supported by around seventy percent of estate agents, although as only around a third of homeowners follow this rule it is easy to see why all this money is being lost.

To help homeowners Privilege have put together a colour chart showing how colours can affect peoples moods. Perhaps this will bring peace and serenity to the world, who knows. To give it a whirl visit the website