Indian Bank Sees Interest In Credit Rising

Published: 6/27/2010

According to an ICICI Bank spokesman the business is expecting to see an increase in loans provided running through the third and fourth quarters of the financial year.

The bank are confident that their commercial arm will be bringing in a large volume of loan business, with an expectation of twenty percent growth in the consumer sector too. This large growth expectation is fuelled by the reduction in interest rates they have applied, where home loans, car and personal loans have all seen their repayment rates reduced.

The commercial sector is forecast to see growth of around sixty percent according to information coming out of the ICICI Bank, driven primarily by the offering of new product lines to this market. Options will include a number of insurance products, new loan offerings and more banking facilities.

The bank feel that small to medium enterprises in India do not have enough options to meet their varied needs and so are happy to support them with these new products.