Euro 2008 Miss Saves UK Money

Published: 6/18/2010

The bad news of England not qualifying for the Euro 2008 Championships is tempered by the fact that, according to the Abbey National, the average British football fan will have saved over GBP550 by England not being there.

The Abbey National survey found that around 1.8 million consumers were considering buying a new television towatch England play n Euro 2008, with nearly 2.3 million spending nearly GBP150 per person on football kit, flags, hats and so on. Celebrating victories or drowning sorrows was also planned for, with nearly GBP100 per person earmarked for alcohol at home plus a further GBP135 spent at the pub.

A spokesman for Abbey National empathised with the England supporters who would be missing out on a potentially great tournament but felt that the silver lining of saving so much money would make it all bearable. And of course it also means England will not be knocked out on penalties as usual.