Dormant Account Holders Reunited With Their Money

Published: 7/31/2010

The Halifax has so far reunited holders of accounts that have been forgotten about with over GBP16.5 million of their savings since starting its campaign earlier this year.

Over 7,200 people have had money paid to them by the Halifax since February this year, working out at an average of over GBP2,300 per person. The process began by looking at 25,000 dormant savings accounts, some of which had considerable sums in them. A spokesman from the Halifax said that over two thirds of the accounts that held more than GBP50,000 had been accounted for and the funds passed on to the owners.

The Halifax will continue with the remainder of the accounts but also introduce another 150,000 into the mix, worth another GBP30 million. Customers do not have to do anything, since the Halifax are searching for the owners. However it could speed up the process to get in touch with them should you have an account like this.