Double Money On Offer For Savers

Published: 8/7/2010

The Bank of Scotland has a fantastic opportunity for first time buyers saving a deposit for their first home – doubled up savings.

The way this works is that savers who regularly deposit money into a Bank of Scotland savings account, up to a maximum amount saved of GBP5,000, will have the balance matched by the home builder Persimmon. The one proviso is that this only happens if the savings are used as a deposit on a new house.

A spokesman from the housebuilder saw it as making a real difference for first time buyers, though they would still need a considerable amount saved elsewhere in order to make the 25 percent minimum deposit most mortgage providers require. The Bank of Scotland are also in favour of the scheme as they want to help home buyers as much as they can.

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New Regular Savers Account Launched At The Halifax

A new Halifax savings account, offering an outstanding 10 percent interest rate for regular savers will be made available for a limited period of just 6 weeks, beginning on Monday. The stand alone savings account requires a minimum monthly deposit of GBP500 each month to qualify and will also pay out an extra 2 percent interest should the customer place an extra GBP5,000 in a specified Halifax savings account. This would add up to 12 percent AER, something that the savings market does not normally see. A Halifax spokesman stood by this market leading savings account and supported the way it promotes the habit of regular saving. It is a key part of consumers financial planning and this level of interest certainly gets attention.

Fixed Rate 12 Month Bond Introduced By The Abbey

For anyone looking for a high interest paying investment option the Abbey National has just launched a one year fixed rate bond that offers a 7.01 percent interest rate. The minimum investment amount is GBP30,000, with a maximum of GBP2 million, enough for most people. The Abbey National bond is a one year term, with an expiry date of 1 July 2009. This means that investors will have to act smartly to get their funds in within the deadline. An Abbey National spokesman confirmed that the current market for savings and investments is the best it has been for many years and is urging consumers to take advantage of the situation while it is available.

Social Care Review Welcomed By Saga

The decision by Gordon Brown to review the state of social care in order to make them more affordable and fairer for everyone has been welcomed by Saga Insurance. The insurer has asked for steps to be taken as quickly as possible to help those who need it but also advises people to take independent financial advice in the meantime to ensure they make the best decision. Saga Insurance research shows that the typical cost of a 4 year care home stay is expected to almost double in the next twenty years, from GBP112,000 to GBP223,000. A Saga Insurance spokesman said that it was vital to get professional financial advice since it could help inheritances be protected rather than seeing it all eaten up in care fees as is currently the case. More information about Saga Insurance can be found within