Double Money On Offer For Savers

Published: 8/7/2010

The Bank of Scotland has a fantastic opportunity for first time buyers saving a deposit for their first home – doubled up savings.

The way this works is that savers who regularly deposit money into a Bank of Scotland savings account, up to a maximum amount saved of GBP5,000, will have the balance matched by the home builder Persimmon. The one proviso is that this only happens if the savings are used as a deposit on a new house.

A spokesman from the housebuilder saw it as making a real difference for first time buyers, though they would still need a considerable amount saved elsewhere in order to make the 25 percent minimum deposit most mortgage providers require. The Bank of Scotland are also in favour of the scheme as they want to help home buyers as much as they can.

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Internet Savings Account Rate Increase

Tesco Finance has just announced an improved rate for its internet saver account, paying 6.25 percent AER for 12 months. The finance arm of Tesco has brought in a 12 month additional interest bonus of 1.5 percent, enabling them to bring this outstanding rate to the market. As a spokesman for the company said, this offer could not be timed any better, since consumers are now looking for the best savings rates possible as they look to make the most of their money. Customers can invest up to GBP100,000 in the Tesco Finance Savings Account, enjoying the bonus interest rate for the first 12 months, after which it will revert to its regular 4.75 percent AER.

Savers To Be Reunited With Lost Accounts

Lloyds TSB will be striving to reunite around GBP69 million with its owners, spread over 120,000 savings accounts that are laying dormant. The bank will be working on accounts with more than GBP100 in them and will be using a specialist search company to locate the account holders and reacquaint them with their funds. The average amount per person will be in the region of GBP575 so it is a very worthwhile exercise and one that the recipients of the money are sure to appreciate said a Lloyds TSB spokesman. These accounts appear to have been forgotten by their owners, hence the use of the search company. Lloyds TSB would not mind account holders getting in touch with them directly though, so if you think you have a dormant Lloyds TSB savings account get in touch with them and see if there is a windfall waiting for you.

Expansion Of Investment Fund Options

Zurich Insurance has expanded the number of funds it offers to investors, aiming to give more options to better suit customer requirements. Eighteen new Sterling Bonds have been introduced as well as 22 Sterling Mutual Funds. The combination of options now allows investors to choose from a much wider variety of asset families. Zurich Insurance customers will be able to structure a portfolio that best meets their needs and risk profile, meaning less compromise. A Zurich Insurance spokesman said that these new multi-manager funds will be most appealing to investors looking for a diverse portfolio and seeking to rate their options on the underlying approach to risk.